3 Steps for How to Bring a Motivational Speaker to My School!

Every week I get lots of emails from students across the country. And almost all of them ask some form of the following question:

"Hey! I saw you speak at a conference, and you were awesome! I really want you to come to my school! How do I get you to my school?!"

Good news! Bringing a speaker to your school is not as hard as you think, but it does require a little effort. Here are the 3 Steps to Bring a Speaker to Your School!


1. Think about what you learned & gather your thoughts!

What stuck out about Chris Bowers' presentation that really empowered you? Write down all the things you learned. Have other students from your school who saw Bowers speak write letter about why they, too, would like Bowers to come to your school! Here's how:

  • Identify what impacted you the most from Bowers' stories and how you think those lessons will benefit your classmates. Think about the story of "Don't Tug on the Wire" and the power of reaction. What are issues facing your friends? How did Bowers help address those issues? 
  • Download "What to say to my Principal" script to help you gather your thoughts! 
  • Don't forget to have your friends write letters, too. When you and your classmates come together to make your school a better place, your teachers and principal take notice!

2. Set up a time to Talk to your Principal!

Now that you have collected your thoughts, it’s time to talk to your principal. Don’t be nervous! You’ll be great! Here's how to do it!

  • Set up a 15 minute appointment with your principal. Be sure to do this with his or her secretary!
  • The day before the meeting, double check to make sure that the meeting is still happening! If the principal needs to reschedule, make sure to do it right away!
  • Now that the meeting is confirmed, you need to make sure that you’ll have internet access to YouTube during the meeting. You MUST have access to YouTube, so you can show your principal Bowers’ video, which is only a few minutes long. If you won’t have access, be sure to reschedule to a time that you can access to YouTube.
  • Now it’s time to be your awesome self!
  • Click here to download "What do I say to my Principal" to get the conversation rolling!!
  • Don’t forget to smile! You’re going be great!

3. Check in and follow up!


You’re fantastic! See, it wasn’t so bad! Now is the really important part: You must follow up with your principal!

Your school staff is really busy keeping your school the best it can be, so they need to be reminded that this is something that you think is important. Here's how to keep them engaged! 

  • Send a thank you note! Here's an example of what to say:

“Again, thank you for your time. I’ll be checking with you on ________________ of next week to see if you have emailed Bowers’ office and if they answered all your questions. I know we can do this, and I thank you for all your help in making this happen! I’m looking forward to seeing you next week and hearing about our progress! Thank you Principal________________”

  • Follow up with your principal weekly till Bowers is either on the school calendar, or they tell you “it’s not going to happen this year.”
  • Just pop in the office once a week and ask, “What’s the latest about having Chris Bowers come and speak?” Always be respectful and smile!


And that's it! Chris Bowers will be empowering your school as the best motivational speaker they've ever seen in no time! Of course, if you would rather have someone from Bowers Motivates You reach out on your behalf, we're happy to do so! Just email: motiv8u@aol.com