How to pay for a school speaker

Bowers is dedicated to brining his message of empowerment to students across the country no matter your budget. Read through to find a wealth of different ways to pay for a motivational speaker at your school. And as always, don't be shy! Reach out to Hillary with your specific situation and budget, and we'll help you craft a plan!

School Sharing

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Promote the idea to a neighboring school in your area, and have Bowers speak to your school and the partner school on the same day. By doing this, you'll cut the booking fee in half! He can speak at your school in the morning and the other school in the afternoon, and it's an easy sell. If you're a student, follow this link to learn how to talk to your principal about this plan!

Funding & Grant Money

  • Check with your school administration for funding from the Associated Student Body Fund, or for teacher in-service programs, ask about Staff Development: Title VI Funding.
  • When you bring in Bowers during a themed week or national awareness campaign such as cultural awareness week, health day, Red Ribbon Week, etc, there may be federal grant money available. For example, Bowers spoke to a district conference about healthy decisions and healthy habits to compliment their efforts with a federal health education grant. Check with your school district and state government to see if there are any applicable opportunities for your school. 
  • There are grant monies available from your state, too. You can find out more about these opportunities by contacting the State Department of Human Services and State Department of Education.  


  • Contact business leaders and local organizations and request sponsorship for your plan. Some of these organizations may include Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Lions Club, Elks, Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  • Large local businesses often have philanthropic pursuits, and you just might fit perfectly with those ambitions. Reach out to several larger local businesses and set up meetings with the CEO or Community Services Department. You can provide impact for their sponsorship by announcing their involvement in your newsletter, at the event or providing materials about their services to the parents. 

Fundraising Project

Invite multiple clubs on campus to participate and help in a fund raising project. A cooperative effort helps students collaborate and learn about the realities of time and effort in acquiring funding in the real world.